Foam, funny times and a stunning tribute to easy Riders another magic Saturday on Ibiza

Matinée and the Foam Party cames back with a fun night which a fantasy world charmed everyone who visited us yesterday.

Matinée introduced Easy Riders, a performance inspired on the legendary American film that flooded the whole terrace with a cheeky and daring version in which the dancers moved by the funny tracks from André Vicenzzo, Taito Tikaro and Phil Romano.



Meanwhile, in the next room, our resident DJs Les Schmitz and Caal Smile encouraged the funniest party of the island where the foam covers the public and the wildest music makes you live an unique experience that hardly will erase from your memory.



It was certainly another magical Saturday, the essence of the weekend in Ibiza and visit for anyone who has not experienced yet an evening of this greatness with us, are you going to miss our madness on Saturday?


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