Sven Väth tells us about his first time at Amnesia Ibiza 36 years ago

Amnesia, one of the best clubs in world, has a lot of history behind it. Over the years, some of the biggest artists, groups and celebrities have passed through the club on the white island, enjoying endless magical nights of music and sensations.


With our new feature My First Time, we are going to get to know the stories, feelings and emotions that some of the most legendary artists felt when they experienced Amnesia Ibiza for the first time. The first artist is Sven Väth, born in Germany in 1964, and one of the most important artists on the island who brings thousands of people to Amnesia week after week to dance with him until the early hours of the morning… Mornings full of energy and special vibes. The creator of Cocoon tells us about his first time in Amnesia, 36 years ago.


"In 1980 I came to Ibiza for the first time I was curious and quickly tanned. The first party I went to was in Amnesia in 1981. There was no roof on the terrace. On the dance floor there was every shade of colour. Life, joy. I found out it was Alfredo who was playing everything from Pink Floyd to Bowie to Grace Jones to African roots music and bass lines that seemed to come from another world. There were no rules. For me there was no turning back. So I didn't. So many years later I still think its one of the best clubs in the world. I did my research.”- Sven Väth, April 11th 2017, Ibiza.