We´ll be waiting to you on the 24th of September on the 25th Ibiza Dance Anniversary.

The 25th Ibiza Dance Anniversary will be held on the 24th of September, the radio show aimed and produced by David Moreno at Ibiza Global Radio.

The event will be celebrated at the Amnesia Ibiza Terrace and will bring together more than 30 Djs B2B which have been part of the history of the show, friends and legendary artists from the Ibizan music scene: Miguel Garji, Jose Maria Ramon, Anna Tur, Toni Moreno, José de Divina, Javi  Muñoz, Iban Mendoza, Oliver, Cesar de Melero, Oscar Colorado, Michel Cleis…

The authentic Ibiza sound that will make us relive the Ibiza essence and the magic of a show that has become through the years in a referent into the music history in the Island.

A perfect chance to join us and have fun with the real “Ibiza“ Dance Radio show.


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