And meanwhile on the Main Room... tiNI, Dubfire and a special Live by Kink.

Is well known the friendship between Sven and Richie, that goes beyond the profesional aspects, and became them on the main characters on our wildest and funniest nights throughout more tan 17 years.

A very special connection that goes far, and confirms that genius walks with genius.



Last night at the Terrace, we could live again that vibe that only Amnesia could offer, a commited crowd submitted to the music and the Dj booth, and a stunning show; it wasn´t only that odd and pleasant feeling to enjoy Sven from early, simply exquisite, and either the huge Richie´s set, the main characters it were all the assistants, good vibes, smiles and a magic atmosphere on a night that will be remembered.

Into this unrivalled , the Main Room exceeded all expectations with 3 masters at commander; tiNI, Dubfire and a special Kink´s Live, a great night on our legendary spot.


See you at Cocoon every Monday to still making history!