Feathers, whips and bondage on a spicy and crazy night by Brasilio´s troupe!

The Main Room was taken by the crazy Brasilio´s troupe with "Anything goes" as the theme of the night.

La Troya came last night ready to disinhibit everyone; everything is worth, no one judged and the freedom was the leitmotiv in a night marked by chaos and the desire to amuse everyone.
We will never tire of its shameless exoticism, the spicy performances and its amazing fun nights; are certainly the party 100% Ibiza, the sensuality and extravagance taken to the extreme, that drives us to a fantasy world in which feathers, whips and even the bondage are part of a show that surrounded all the dancefloor.


Caal Smile, Les Schmitz and Oscar Colorado offered the funniest rhythms in a crowded booth and were visited by the mad artists of La Troya, which we love the spontaneity and uncertainty that can get to do at any time, any corner that you could see, the show is always served with La Troya.

Don´t miss any more kitschy nights with La Troya in Amnesia every Sunday!

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