Caal Smile and Les Schmitz beating the main room on a crazy Foam Party night! Good times!

Matinee and the Foam Party, the shameless night of the week.

The Amnesia weekends are for sensuality and audacity.
Last night Matinée deployed its most fetishistic performance inspired on the bondage, where artists dressed on leather wrapped around their bodies offered an amazing spectacle.
Putting the rhythm on the Terrace, the Matinée All Stars, formed last night by André Vicenzzo, Taito Tikaro and Lenz Garcia.



The Main Room, received early to warm up the crowd in a night designed to disinhibition to Alex Font, which pioneered in a room waiting for the Foam Party.
Following this contact, the cabin of the Main Room was taken by our resident DJs Caal Smile and Les Schmitz, as always made us dance with the funniest and house classic rhythms, is definitely our night, good vibes in the air, contagious smiling faces and good mood are the main theme in an evening that ended in the best possible way ... Foam!

Come to live the funniest night of the Island!

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