13 March 2024

Win a chance to DJ in Amnesia with Antony Morato’s contest!

Calling all DJs and producers: now is your time to bring your talent to the table. We know you’ve been dreaming of making your big break, so what better way to get your music out than playing for Amnesia Ibiza this summer? New talent, this one’s for you!

If you’re an electronic music lover and have a fire set or remix up your sleeve, we want to hear it! Amnesia is looking for new talent with Antony Morato’s The Sound of Unity Contest, now open for all DJs and producers to participate in and send us their most explosive collection of tracks until the 25th of May. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to unleash your talent and win a chance to DJ in Amnesia. The turntables are waiting for you! 

Added to the mix, two electronic music powerhouses will be inspiring contestants to take the stage and send their best work over. International DJ Andrea Oliva will be representing the DJs sending over their sets, while producer Francesco Tristano will be the face of any producers showcasing their remixes. 

To participate, DJs can upload their most dance-worthy sets HERE for us to consider. Producers can try their hand by downloading Tristano’s stems on The Sound of Unity´s official website and sending over their unique remixes HERE.

The clock is ticking and the DJ booth is calling your name. Are you ready to get the crowd dancing at Amnesia this summer?