18 March 2022

Who’s joining us on our Pre-Party in Zadar?


We already told you that we were taking over the Island of Pag in Croacia from May 30 to June 2, but what we didn't tell you is that we will also be hosting a unique music session in the city of Zadar with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. 


On May 29th, we are we take off the Amnesia 2022 Ibiza Takeover Croatia in Zadar for the Day Zero off-location Pre-Party. This unique showcase will take place at Zadar’s Monument to the Sun in the city with sounds from Patrick Topping, Marco Faraone, Lauren Lo Sung and Pablo Panda.


If you still don't have your Amnesia 2022 Ibiza Takeover Croatia, seriously, what are you waiting for? And, if you do have your ticket, how about we meet on the 29th for a unique sunset and music experience in Zadar? 


Click here if you are already thinking "Yes, please, take me to Croatia right away"