22 July 2022

This is how we experienced the premiere of Metamorfosi with Joseph Capriati

Last night we witnessed a very special event, the first of three events that Joseph Capriati will hold at Amnesia Ibiza under the title Metamorfosi. A concept in which the Neapolitan DJ celebrates his career in the electronic music scene, which we were able to savour through an album on his label Redimension. Metamorfosi is the story of Joseph Capriati's artistic evolution, the result of his personal and musical development, the maturing of his influences and the encounter with his heroes. An introspective journey in which Joseph strips himself bare and shows us his concerns and the keys to the sound that has brought him so much success. But until we experienced the concept first-hand this Friday, we were unaware of its magnitude.

Capriati's fans couldn't miss this event, and from the very first hour Amnesia welcomed them with open arms. In the Main Room Mahony was in charge of kicking off the evening with elegance and a rhythm that intoxicated us and put us in the perfect context to face the rest of the night. Reinier Zonneveld then showed why he is one of the most energetic DJs of today. His live set was pure electronica, influenced by both his classical training and his own rave experiences, his sound contains an incredible breadth, ranging from deep melodic tracks to underground acid techno. Closing out Amnesia's most underground room was another techno monster, the great Len Faki.  His set was based on raw passion and beauty that coexisted perfectly during his performance, a performance full of sonic eruptions that blew up the dancefloor.

On the Terrace Francesco Squillante laid the foundations for what was to follow, without rushing, opting for an enveloping and hypnotic rhythm. After Francesco it was the turn of Michael Bibi, this young genius based in London showed us the sound that has brought him to fame with his brand 'SolidGrooves', a sound made by and for the party. Last but not least, the big star of the event made an appearance in the Terrace booth. The whole room went crazy and Joseph Capriati thanked by preventing those present from taking a second's respite, without giving us time to react he began to play tracks, each one better than the last. His set was a carousel of moments, brutal sounds and an unprecedented display of talent. The end was apotheosis, with a devoted audience that would have stayed at Amnesia for as many hours as it took to continue enjoying his idol.

What reflections does Metamorfosi leave us with? Only two, that we desperately want the next party to come as soon as possible and that Joseph Capriati has everything it takes to have a seasonal residency in Ibiza sooner rather than later.