10 June 2022

The triumph of music at the Pyramid opening party

Many of the reviews of Ibiza parties are full of references to the spectacular and atmospheric atmosphere that is generated within them. And that's fine, it's part of the attraction, but sometimes they forget the most important thing: the music. Because without music the magic of this island would not exist. And yes, Pyramid's opening party was spectacular, people enjoyed it like never before, the club had an impressive entrance, but what stood out above all was the musical quality, a quality that was generated from minute one and that didn't falter until the last note of the last set.


Pyramid's opening started with British punctuality at 19:00 with an appropriate sound to welcome the clubbers. CAAL is a master at adapting to contexts and selecting the right music for them, and once again he did not disappoint. Héctor Couto took over, showing us the evolution of the modern tech-house sound that he has brought with him, combining danceable freshness and strong rhythmic bases.


The Main Room kicked off with Luca Donzelli and a perfect set to put the clubber in situation, to make it clear where he was and what awaited him. One thing happens with Lilly Palmer, we love what she does and the naturalness with which she does it, and in this opening she proved it again with techno melodies full of glamour and power. Adam Beyer offered us an amazing musical journey, leaving behind the easy structures and challenging us with a variety of resources and textures that left us with our mouths open. Andrés Campo closed the room as only he knows how, surprising and pulling the musical repertoire that he always does and that leaves a unique taste in your mouth.


On the Terrace there were moments of maximum musical luxury. Starting with the mastery of Cuartero and his elegance when designing the sound. Then absolute madness with kINK thanks to the technological, analogue and passionate display he put on a set that we prayed would never end. With no time to take a second's respite, Four Tet appeared in the booth and effortlessly demonstrated why music is in his DNA, displaying a repertoire of intelligently mixed tracks with a magical touch that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. And then it was Ricardo Villalobos'; turn to close the evening. After months without being able to play after breaking his leg, it was clear that Ricardo was eager to rediscover his passion. Surprising, beautiful, disconcerting and inspiring were the rhythms he created throughout the set, proving once again that he is the king of using alchemy in sound, as he turned something insignificant into gold.

And this opening was just the tip of the iceberg, what awaits us during the Pyramid season is going to make history.