19 September 2022

The avant-garde of techno lands in Amnesia with Drumcode

Some labels are capable of changing history, capable of transcending and breaking previously established schemes. This is the case of Drumcode, Adam Beyer's label. Since its inception, the label marked a before and after in electronic music. Drumcode is currently and undoubtedly the most important label in the techno scene. It is not only is a musical reference since the year it was founded, 1996, but it has also become a successful summer festival. Rhythmic techno, melodic techno but above all fun techno, these are Drumcode's hallmarks. On this basis, Drumcode lands in style at Amnesia next Friday September 23rd, with a party that will take over our two rooms.

In the Main Room we will enjoy the performances of Layton Giordani, a true artist in every sense of the word, who stands firm as one of the most popular of the techno new school, with his pioneering musical vision serving as a contemporary voice for the younger generation. Lilly Palmer, with powerful and driving tech and deep melancholic sounds, intriguing melodies and electrifying bass lines, this artist creates a unique and energetic atmosphere that sends her audience straight into outer space on a journey where return tickets are no longer needed. Raxon, an Egyptian-born, Barcelona-based artist, is testament to the adage that passion and determination will get you where you want to be. And Rebūke, is a DJ and producer who creates something new and genuinely exciting. A sonic clash of early 90's techno, house and rave records.

The Terrace booth will host the sets of Kölsch, known for his productions has sold millions of records worldwide under his different aliases and production works. Bart Skils, always one step ahead, has established himself as one of the most respected and in demand techno dj's in Holland. His dj sets are celebrated by techno lovers as extremely advanced and musically well constructed. Anna is one of Brazil's best exports and is rising fast with her seductive and forceful style of techno. And the night will be closed by Drumcode creator and guru, the revered Adam Beyer. Adam's mantra is simple: respect the sound, maintain its integrity and move forward gradually. Brick by brick, his style has become a recognizable signature that is felt throughout the clubbing universe.

This Friday you have a unique opportunity to live the Drumcode experience at its best at Amnesia, a gift of quality music that will reaffirm your love for this musical style.

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