18 August 2022

Take part in the new Amnesia promotion in collaboration with Fiesta&Bullshit

The season is being AMAZING at Amnesia Ibiza. And the big culprits of this success are all of you. That's why we want to propose a game, a different promotion to reward you for the loyalty you show us every day. In collaboration with Fiesta & Bullshit we are going to give you the chance to get 1 free ticket + 1 free drink + 1 Amnesia merchandising pack.

How can you get it? We explain it to you below:

1.- First you have to get the latest edition of Fiesta & Bullshit magazine, a free magazine that you can find in different points of the island.

2.- Inside the magazine you will find (page 24-25) a section where you have to complete it by adding the stickers of each of the Amnesia parties.

3.- You will be able to get the stickers in the Amnesia bars, you just have to ask for one of the collectable stickers.

4.- Once you have them all, you will have to stick them in the corresponding box, each sticker on the day of the week of each party.

5.- With the pages completed with their respective stickers, you must let us know through Amnesia Ibiza's Instagram: or through our email This way, we will add you to the guest list of the day you want to come.

6.- On the day of the event you have chosen, you will be able to access the club through the guest list by presenting your magazine completed with all the stickers for each day. The person in charge of receiving you will mark the magazine to ensure that the prize is for single use only and will give you access to the club with a drink and a merchandising pack.

Please note that the promotion will start on 15 August at 12:00 noon and will end on 29 September at 06:00. The prize can only be claimed within the promotion period, so customers will not be able to claim their prize after 29 September. By participating in the promotion you accept the conditions of participation.

So now you know, get your Fiesta & Bullshit magazine, ask for the stickers every time you visit Amnesia, and take part in this promotion designed solely to thank you for your commitment and loyalty. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!