11 August 2023

Symbiotikka, the Berlin's iconic fetish party, will take Amnesia on September 5th

Prepare to immerse yourself in a night of pure techno beats, uninhibited self-expression, and an odyssey into hedonism as Symbiotikka, Berlin's legendary kink and fetish party, prepares to make its highly-anticipated debut at Amnesia on September 5th.

For over six years, Symbiotikka has held court in Berlin's nightlife scene, carving out a distinct space where the lines between pleasure, freedom, and cutting-edge techno become beautifully blurred. Nestled within the notorious KitKat Club, the event stands as a pillar of the sex-positive movement, embracing individuality, sexual diversity, and the art of unapologetic celebration.

Now, this unparalleled experience is poised to unfold within the vibrant embrace of Amnesia, Ibiza's iconic haven. A captivating fusion of immersive rave culture and uncensored self-expression will be brought to life by an exceptional lineup featuring the luminous Stella Bossi, the chart-topping techno virtuoso Space 92, and the celebrated maestro of sonic exploration, Luca Donzelli.

In the spirit of Symbiotikka's ethos, participants are encouraged to discard societal norms and inhibitions, embracing a captivating dress code that spans from fetish aesthetics to the audaciously artistic. "Express yourself through your (un)dresses and don't be shy" inviting revelers to liberate their innermost desires in an environment free from judgment. Cameras and videos are categorically prohibited, liberating attendees to embrace the present moment without reservation.

Stella Bossi, an integral figure in the Symbiotikka legacy, will guide the evening's journey with her unparalleled techno finesse. Her musical brilliance is surpassed only by her dedication to crafting an ambiance where every heartbeat resonates with untamed passion.

With its exceptional fusion of leading-edge techno harmonies and a shamelessly sensual atmosphere, Symbiotikka has artfully redefined the party landscape. The event has evolved into a sanctuary for those who wish to celebrate their uniqueness, embracing a tapestry of desires, fantasies, and identities. Now, this vibrant celebration arrives on the sun-soaked shores of Ibiza, promising an evening that transcends boundaries and challenges conventions.

Stella Bossi has long been synonymous with the party and leads the proceedings. A fervent techno champion and owner of The Beat Must Fuck record label, she has graced every major club and festival stage. Her magnetic sounds consistently enrapture the dance floor, leaving an indelible imprint on all who succumb to her sonic allure. Joining her is the top-selling techno titan, Space 92, the mastermind behind a multitude of chart-topping hits. This pioneering French producer stands as one of the most sought-after acts in the industry, a testament to his unrivaled talent and innovation. Lastly, the legendary Luca Donzelli, an Amnesia icon, contributes his diverse array of house and techno sounds, ensuring an evening of sonic diversity that caters to every musical palate.

Secure your spot for this unprecedented amalgamation of Berlin's illustrious Symbiotikka and Amnesia's seductive ambiance.

Join the evolution of sound, pleasure, and limitless freedom on September 5th for an Ibiza experience that defies comparison.

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