02 May 2023

Pyramid Special: knockin' on heaven's door

It's been a few months since we said goodbye to the most exciting season in Pyramid's history. The desire to feel the incomparable energy of this concept had accumulated in our bodies, and we couldn't wait to reunite with a party that sublimates the electronic spirit. Last Friday, April 28, the doors of Amnesia opened again, and an explosion of joy made the foundations of the legendary clubbing temple shake from the first minute.

The first event of last season was uncertain after everything that had happened in the previous two years, but those of us who attended this Pyramid Special knew perfectly what we were going to find: a party in its fullness, with a dream lineup and with a staging that only Amnesia is capable of offering. And they did not disappoint us, on the contrary, once again they exceeded expectations.

In the Main Room, the room that best expresses the new techno trends, was again a noisy boiling pot, where electricity and the most forceful rhythms were palpable. And no one better to start the hostilities than Mathias Kaden, who gave us a set in which he showed the versatility of his proposal, with mixes sprinkled with references to funky, freaky, dashing, dub, slamming, and enriched by African and South American percussion. Luca Donzelli, a honorary member of Pyramid, once again demonstrated his talent with that innate capacity for hypnosis and the virtue of being able to adapt effortlessly to the context at hand. After last year's experience, it was more than clear that Amelie Lens would return to the Amnesia booth, and once again, she triumphed with her set, a set that challenged the dance floor not to stop dancing for a second. And to give it an epic closure, KlangKuenstler managed to connect with the audience using his wisdom at the mixer and his insulting mastery of electronic atmospheres.

The Terrace dressed up in its best attire to receive the thousands of fans who crowded into the legendary room. Who better to welcome them than one of the few artists who know perfectly well the threads that move the clubbing culture in Ibiza. Caal demonstrated his solvency and motivated the crowd to maintain that special energy throughout the night. Then, Layla Benítez conquered the hearts of clubbers with an eclectic mix of deep house with percussion, world harmonies, soul sounds, and energetic rhythms with dark nuances and groove bases. With the audience fully surrendered, Luciano and Arapu performed an unforgettable b2b, full of nuances, sensations, tasty electronic flavors, and surprising, demonstrating that their chemistry is special and hardly surpassable. The end of the night came with the magic of an artist who carries Pyramid's DNA in every pore of his skin, Cuartero demonstrated his love and shared it with everyone present with unprecedented generosity, carrying out a flawless set that made thousands of happy faces form a completely sincere smile.

Pyramid has returned, and it has done so in a big way, demonstrating that it is the most stimulating proposal of the moment and that there is no party that reflects the electronic essence of Ibiza with such honesty. This has just begun, it is the beginning of a journey that without a doubt will bring us closer to the gates of heaven during the 2023 season. Are you seriously going to miss it?