12 June 2023

Pyramid Opening Party: starting a season for history books

Pyramid has rightfully become more than just a party; it is a musical event that passionate electronic music lovers want to attend. Pyramid has ceased to be just another name in Ibiza and has transformed into a brand that embodies a set of values far from the conventions of our time. With this fertile ground and positive energy floating in the air, fueled by the great vibes from the Special Party in April, we arrived at their opening party with the hype at its peak.

If there's one thing Pyramid excels at, it's its ability to evolve each season, to improve in every aspect that constitutes an event of this magnitude. Last Sunday, we witnessed this firsthand. As soon as we entered the doors of Amnesia, we encountered a production and staging that surpassed last season's. And, above all, we found a crowd of people eager to fully immerse themselves in the musical experience about to unfold.

The Main Room is the perfect refuge for those seeking the most powerful sounds, those who want to be struck by sonorous forcefulness. And they got exactly what they were looking for from the first minute. Luca Donzelli is an electronic chameleon, capable of adapting to any circumstance and setting. His set was a clear example of this quality. He recognized the context and gifted us with a perfectly rhythmic carousel to kick off the night. Next, Andrés Campo once again demonstrated his ability to connect with the audience, his charisma, and his insight into viewing his profession as a joy to be shared with the crowd. Deborah de Luca took to the DJ booth, and the temperature soared. Her music has quickly become a seal of quality, a fine fusion of techno beats and minimalist rhythms that leave no one indifferent... and her performance was exactly that, a repertoire of brilliantly intertwined sounds accompanied by overwhelming charisma. To end the night in the Main Room, who better than Kobosil, with a session based on functional techno with depth and drive, while never forgetting the melodic sounds tinged with that unmistakable darkness.

In The Terrace, the musical strokes were less intense than in the adjacent room, but without relinquishing that characteristic underground spirit of Pyramid. Nima Gorji opened the event, a Danish artist infected by the essence of Ibiza, who showcased in his set that despite having an extensive career behind him, he can still sound fresh and current. Cuartero, as always, delivered a perfect 10. Whenever he plays at Pyramid, he never falls short of that rating. With a positive attitude and that imprint that only the great possess, he effortlessly connected with the crowd and displayed all the talent he possesses. And to close the evening, three musketeers, a surreal triumvirate, a sonic trident that brought smiles to our faces and made us dance until the last note. Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, and Franco Cinelli gave a master class on how to collaborate in the DJ booth, how to create synergies, and how to combine three different concepts and three different personalities to make the final result a work of art.

Those of us who attended the Pyramid Opening Party left with plenty of memories and magical moments, but above all, we shared a reflection... if this was just the beginning, what awaits us for the rest of the season is going to be EPIC!