11 August 2023

Party to earn with KlubCoin

Cryptocurrencies have become interwoven into the global dance music ecosystem, used by artists and labels for NFTs, DAOs and other blockchain-powered ventures that disrupt traditional ownership models. But crypto isn't for the weak of heart and several nightlife operators are in the game.

KlubCoin is the the first digital cryptocurrency for clubbers, festival goers and electronic music fans from all around the world. It uses a party-and-earn model (the more you party, the more you earn) and that you can earn cash back and rewards when you party in Amnesia or with other partners of the KlubCoin family (you can check them out at or in the app). The partners list is ever-expanding and includes clubs, festivals, ticketing platforms, DJ stores, consumer electronics brands, streaming music services and nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces.
The good news are that all Amnesia customers can already use KlubCoins at the bar and the entrace, plus the KlubCoin wallet it is integrated into the club's iOS and Android apps. Plus you have the possibility to convert your KlubCoins to Euros or US Dollars.

After launching our first NFT collection and opening the first metaverse superclub in Decentraland with Decentral Games, it became natural to pursue our development in Web3, and Klubcoin is a great match for Amnesia. Last year, we started to deliver the first rewards in $KLUB tokens to all the seasonal workers we have on the island and now we are expanding the program to all Amnesia Ibiza customers.

Since 1st November, you can buy and sell KlubCoin on the platform KuCoin at this link. Join the KlubCoin revolution today!