30 March 2023

Night of The Jaguar: Paradise's thrilling new concept at Amnesia

Following last year's resounding success, Paradise returns to Amnesia with a more spectacular new concept that will once again position itself as Ibiza's most exciting party. The name of this new concept is Night of The Jaguar, a space where the jungle comes to life, inviting us to a world of vibrant acid hued wildlife and supernatural night visions.

Every Wednesday, we transport you deep into the heart of the tropical wilds, to the place where we meet the jaguar’s spirit of the midnight sun.  In ancient prophecies the jaguar is seen as a guide for those who journey into the night surrounded by the primal energy of the jungle. An immersive experience that will not stop until the first glimmers of dawn begin to light up the sky and penetrate Amnesia's roof. The jaguar fades into the shadows, but its fierce and indomitable spirit remains until the next midnight sun, when we dance again at Night of The Jaguar.

You cannot miss this adventure led by Jamie Jones alongside a series of artists soon to be announced for Paradise every Wednesday at Amnesia. Delve into the most stimulating electronic jungle from Wednesday, June 21 to Wednesday, October 4, 2023.


Early Bird tickets now on sale HERE