22 July 2023

Metamorfosi Opening Party Review: Witnessing the Transformation of Electronic Music

Last year, we had the chance to experience Joseph Capriati's concept as we attended each and every one of his Metamorfosi parties at Amnesia. The taste it left in our mouths was so special that we couldn't miss the opportunity to attend Capriati's opening party in 2023. What would we find? Would it be possible to enjoy it even more than last season? With that small doubt in mind, we headed to the pyramid club, ready to embrace an unforgettable night. And sorry for the spoiler... it was truly mind-blowing!

The most challenging aspect of attending such a special party with so many artists spread across two rooms is trying to keep up with everything that's happening. That's why during the Metamorfosi opening party, we kept moving, crossing Amnesia from one space to another every time a new DJ took the stage in either of the two booths. It wasn't easy, as the club was packed from the early hours.
In the Main Room, we started warming up with Skizzo, an artist who demonstrated mastery of cutting-edge sounds, infusing his formula with passion, harmony, and a deep connection with the dancefloor. Sara Landry fueled the flames of an enthusiastic crowd with her dark, energetic, and divinely feminine industrial techno. Andres Campo once again proved that Amnesia's main room is one of his favorite venues, giving his all behind the DJ booth and reconnecting with the audience through his charm, seeing his profession as a form of entertainment he wants to share with the crowd. 
And to squeeze out the last drops of sweat from our bodies, Indira Paganotto stole our hearts with a set filled with elegance and danceable exuberance, showcasing versatility that ranged from '90s disco music to the latest underground techno.
In the legendary Terrace, the atmosphere hinted at an epic night. The magic of this room began with the first chords of Frank Storm's set, a luxurious warm-up based on peaks of high energy and impressive melodies rooted in well-structured minimal-techno sounds. We couldn't deny the butterflies in our stomachs when we saw Sven Väth step into the DJ booth. So many memories, so many unforgettable moments in Amnesia that this electronic music legend has given us. This is his home, the temple where his musical discourse remains relevant. His vinyl-only set demonstrated that age is not a barrier to staying current; in fact, Sven is more current than some young talents who quickly rise to stardom. Sven gave a master class on how to turn a dancefloor upside down, expertly selecting the right times and rhythms and transmitting an infectious energy that took us to ecstasy.
As Joseph Capriati took the DJ booth, the first thing he did was express his gratitude to Sven and pay homage to him. Then, he got to work and struck us with his elegant, emotive, and precisely delivered techno, electrifying our bodies with energy and style. Capriati never let up for a second, staying at the peak of his performance throughout, with a challenging attitude that stimulated that part of the brain where the passion for music resides. By the last part of his session, everyone in the Terrace was completely surrendered to his sonic desires, immersed in an electronic spirit that spread fun, smiles, and pleasure throughout the room. The only downside to his set... was that it had to come to an end.
Joseph Capriati's Metamorfosi is a win-win, one of those parties that never disappoints and reaffirms your love for electronic music. And like good wines, it only gets better with the passing years.