05 July 2022

Hiroquest Opening Party: Steve Aoki in his purest form

After impressing us during his first residency at Amnesia in 2019, two-time Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki has finally returned to Amnesia, and he couldn't have done it in a more spectacular way. Because if there is one word that defines Steve Aoki it is precisely that: SPECTACULAR. If his shows are already a cataract of emotions, what we experienced at this opening party broke all the moulds. The production, the lighting, the performances, the music, the atmosphere that was breathed, everything was wonderfully excessive.

The Amnesia Terrace was like in its best days, transformed into a carnival of colours with an immersive decoration that transported you to an unreal world. A smiling mass of people, eager to have an unforgettable night, began to enter the club's door from the early hours of the morning. Soon the room began to fill up and the music started to play. Hektor Mass, Jonas Blue, Les Castizos and Regard made us vibrate with their sets, proving once again that they are experts in handling the dancefloor as they please. The excitement in the audience kept growing and they couldn't stop bouncing like crazy, waiting for the arrival of the headliner of the evening.

Steve Aoki made his appearance in style, increasing the energy of the room, encouraging the thousands of people gathered as only he knows how. In the booth he gave a lesson in how to craft a set with frenetic, catchy beats. And when he wasn't behind the mixing desk, the Aoki showman returned with his repertoire of crazy beats. Of course there was no shortage of cake throwing, confetti storming and his forays into the crowd to raise the temperature of the dancefloor. All frenetic, all hypersonic and all tremendously fun.

Hiroquest's opening was so intense that we all ended up exhausted, breathing deeply to catch our breath. A feeling that Steve Aoki promises to maintain every Tuesday of the season at Amnesia Ibiza.