23 August 2022

Hiroquest Closing Party: thanks for everything Steve Aoki!

Every night of Hiroquest at Amnesia has surpassed the barriers of fun. The collective madness, excitement and uncontrolled dancing has been a constant on the Terrace. The big culprit for this rise in temperatures has been none other than Steve Aoki, who has given free rein to his imagination and his desire to make the thousands of people who have gathered at the pyramid club this season an unforgettable evening.

The Hiroquest closing party was held yesterday with mixed feelings. The first encouraged us to enjoy the night without thinking too much about the end of this journey, the second left us with a feeling of nostalgia when we realised that we would have to wait a year to meet again with this proposal. As in past parties, the Amnesia Terrace was in its best clothes, perfectly decorated so that we could immerse ourselves in the colourful fantasy proposed by the great Aoki. The soundtrack was provided by Bassjackers, a perfectly synchronised duo from the Netherlands, an ideal combination for this unique DJ/producer partnership. American Mary Droppinz pushed the boundaries in her musical journey to empower us and provide us with a space of euphoric vibes. Taao proved once again that he is the perfect DJ to lift the masses and to turn them into a tide that never stops moving, infected by a fun and fresh sound.

But without a doubt the best of the night came when Steve Aoki made his appearance. From minute one to the end Aoki seemed inexhaustible, urging the inhabitants of the dancefloor to go one step further and give it their all until their batteries were exhausted. Unreservedly dedicated, he gave us a recital of how a DJ should perform from the booth, spinning one track after another as he interacted with a devoted crowd. There was no shortage of his wonderful madness, his cakes flying out of control, his jets of air hitting those brave enough to crowd the front rows, and his constant trips to the dancefloor to be one of the thousands of clubbers who packed Amnesia.

Everyone who was at the last Hiroquest party left with a smile on their face, charged with adrenaline and writing down in their memory every moment of madness they experienced.