30 July 2022

He.She.They: music and commitment in equal parts

If there's any club that doesn't settle, that is brave when it comes to programming, it's Amnesia Ibiza. And it proved it again last Friday with the inauguration of HE.SHE.THEY. in its calendar. A party that offered us a selection of global talent by representing the darker side of electronic music and reflecting the diversity and representation that was historically at the heart of house and techno's roots.

The party had everything from spectacular decor, an unprecedentedly immersive atmosphere, overflowing energy and a perfectly balanced line-up. One of the values of HE.SHE.THEY. that was present at Amnesia was the 50/50 balance of genres and platforms of people from a variety of intersections, fully embracing the culture of diversity and inclusion and its importance in creating Ibiza's original feeling of togetherness and hedonistic attitude.

In the main room renamed for this occasion as "Club" Wax Wings kicked things off at 21:00 with a set that gets you warmed up quickly. Anastasia Kristensen showed her confidence in the design of her set by getting every body on the dancefloor moving in unison. Next up LSDXOXO and Juliana Huxtable gave us fresh and catchy b2b. VTSS drove us crazy with his techno sound, with his sensibility not lacking in forcefulness. And finally Freddy K showed his electronic activism, his mastery of vinyl and his proposal, always far from the existing modes.

La Terraza kicked off a little later, at 23:30 with the good work of Willow, followed by the performance of that group of irreverent friends called Horse Meat Disco. Next up in the booth was Chaos in the CBD, the New Zealand-born brothers proved that they are a perfect duo and that they are capable of complementing each other as a unit. But if we talk about complementing each other, about achieving a perfect symbiosis, we have to refer to Cassy and FKA.M4A's B2B, a perfect example of how two artists can create memorable sets from two different perspectives. The night on the Terrace ended with another dreamy b2b thanks to the unlimited talent of Mall Grab and Effy, who managed to transfer to the dancefloor the emotion of a sound that navigates between broken beat and electro.

The conclusion that HE.SHE.THEY. leaves us with is that their concept fits perfectly into the Ibiza scene and into the Amnesia Ibiza programme. To reaffirm this feeling we will be able to enjoy two more parties on 26 August and 9 September.