01 October 2023

elrow's Closing Party Review: A Spectacular Celebration

There is no denying that elrow has perfected the art of throwing a party. With each of its events setting the bar for spectacularity, the closing parties held at Amnesia Ibiza consistently raise the stakes. This was unequivocally evident on September 30th when the renowned party concluded its 19-date season with an exclusive and enchanting theme titled "Dance with the Serpent."

Amnesia's two rooms underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving into a surreal, vibrant, and alluring world. The visionary concept crafted by Austrian artist NYCHOS succeeded in entrancing all attendees of the closing party, imbuing them with the timeless values of music and dance. This mesmerizing atmosphere was further heightened by an ensemble of snake witches, gracefully dancing amidst a kaleidoscope of colorful decorations and ancient Egyptian references, effectively transporting revelers to a different dimension.

Beyond the sensory spectacle, elrow delivered a meticulously curated soundtrack that seamlessly complemented the conceptual theme. In La Terraza, Toni Varga and Sarah Story showcased their unparalleled understanding of the dance floor dynamics. Joris Voorn provided a masterclass in electronic music from the DJ booth, Bastian Bux stirred emotions with his musical selections, and Adam Beyer graced the audience with a session that sent excitement levels soaring to unprecedented heights.

In the Main Room, rebranded as elrow City, the Italian artist Ilario Alicante embraced the formidable challenge of an all-night-long set and emerged triumphant. For Ilario, there are no missions too daunting, as he skillfully orchestrated a continuous crescendo of energy within the room from the very first minute, culminating in an electrifying climax.

elrow once again surpassed all expectations and reaffirmed the enduring strength of its partnership with Amnesia Ibiza. These two titans of clubbing culture conjured a dreamlike spectacle where joy and enchantment coalesced to create an impeccable night and closing party.

Saturday nights have been filled with confetti, inflatables and good music - an incredible season with a perfect finale!