01 April 2022

elrow returns to Amnesia for what is set to be the craziest season so far

Two years of absence is enough! The award-winning experiential party series and easily the most kaleidoscopic party in the world, returns to the white island for an even longer season this time around. 19 magical dates which you can transport to 19 different and unimaginable worlds. It's time to have fun, it's time to party, it's time to smile, it's time to bring the magic back to the island!  

elrow kicks off it's Saturday residency on 28th May and will continue until 1st October

Achieving it’s primary function of entertain and amuse, elrow fulfils these two objectives each and every time it’s doors open. Spectacle, music, color and happiness, essential elements of elrows DNA, will get together to create an unique and involving experience. Last but not least, don’t forget to sprinkle in tons of confetti.


Let's bring the craziness to the next level!
Tickets on sale here