28 May 2023

Elrow opening party: let the party begin!

We had been waiting for months, biting our nails, filled with anxiety, and nerves... and last Saturday, we finally satisfied our craving for a party when the doors of Amnesia opened, and we immersed ourselves in elrow's Nowmads - New World concept. The season opener of the world's best party did not disappoint, quite the opposite, it was a demonstration of the power of the concept that has stolen the hearts of clubbers worldwide, and fortunately, it will accompany us in Ibiza throughout the summer.

Entering an elrow party at Amnesia is like stepping into a fantasy world. The colors, the animation, the decorations, everything transports you to a parallel universe filled with color, confetti, costumes, and endless smiles. That's what we felt last Saturday, a dreamlike journey through a magical universe. But beyond the baroque aesthetics, beyond the wild performances and hypnotic stage production, we witnessed a lineup of top-notch music with DJs of proven quality.

In the Main Room or elrow City, as usual, we had an exciting All Night Long set by Chelina Manuhutu. Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting musical exports that Amsterdam can offer these days. Producer and DJ Chelina Manuhutu, born in the Netherlands and based in Ibiza, took over the Main Room with her underground attitude and high-quality mixes. A talented, strong, and exotic female force that captivated our hearts from the first chord to her memorable farewell.

In the Terrace cabin, we were fortunate to enjoy an amazing lineup. George Privatti blended seamlessly with the atmosphere of the room and offered us a fresh and enjoyable set, creating the perfect soundtrack for an elrow event. Tini Gessler has gone from being a promising talent to an unquestionable reality. Her strength and attitude at the DJ booth treated us to a carousel of hit tracks that managed to accelerate our heartbeat. Shermanology demonstrated that their sound is unique. The sibling duo, Andy and Dorothy Sherman, unleashed their soul-infused tech house infused with the energy of their Caribbean and Dutch roots... and we all went crazy in the Terrace. And what can we say about Wade? His set was filled with a lot of energy and passion, transmitting a state of frenzy from beginning to end, creating a constant rhythm with electrifying build-ups that made the dance floor explode.

elrow couldn't have started their season at Amnesia any better. It was the first taste of what awaits us, and what awaits is something marvelous, stimulating, and fun. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the best party in the world... at the best club in the world.