02 October 2022

elrow closing party: the funnest surrealism

An event in Ibiza is much more than a musical program, it’s a complete experience that stimulates all your senses. If there’s a party that takes this to the extreme, that is elrow, the most colorful, most baroque and most ambitious proposal of the island. After a successful season full of unforgettable moments, last Saturday celebrated its closing party and did it as only elrow can do it, with a staging that blew our minds and showed us that another way of designing parties is possible.

As many of you know every elrow event is different, a different concept. For this closing we found its most artistic and avant-garde side: Delusionville. A concept, born from the artistic current POPaganda, created by contemporary American artist Ron English Art. Entering the two rooms of Amnesia was a surreal experience, at every step you found metamorphic landscapes with anthropomorphic animals, hallucinatory beings that fed your imagination and moved you to a dream world. It was like entering a modern art museum full of surprises and small details that left you with your mouth open.

In a context like this, music played an important role, as it intertwined with the decoration and performances in a natural way. The artists who participated were influenced by this atmosphere and gave us performances of a spectacular level. In the Main Room, renamed elrow City, Kölsch showed once again why his sound fits perfectly with the elrow proposal, creating hypnotic rhythms. He developed a marathon session that at no time felt heavy, creating a musical narrative from the first to the last note.   

On the Terrace each of the artists who participated left their mark. Eats Everything captivated us with his solvency, Bastian Bux with his energy and Tini Gessler with her unquestionable magnetism. But of course, the DJ who made the difference was the legend Fatboy Slim. A thoroughbred of electronic music who knows like no one else the tools of the dance floor and who managed that each and every one of us who were in front of the Terrace booth did not stop dancing at any time. 

To compile all the moments we lived in the closing party of elrow is an almost impossible task, because the quality of what we lived overwhelmed us. There’s no better way to put an end to a season, it’s not possible to leave a better taste in our mouths as the one elrow left. That's why we can't wait to meet again with its crazy proposals in its only and true home... Amnesia Ibiza.