14 September 2022

Delusionville will be elrow's closing party theme

Once again, Amnesia Ibiza and elrow have formed an unbeatable team this season. The craziest party on the planet has found in our club the perfect place to exploit its potential. To celebrate their last 2022 party in Ibiza they have chosen their most artistic and avant-garde theme: Delusionville.

This concept, born from the artistic current POPaganda, has been created by the American contemporary artist Ron English Art. A surreal concept in which you can find metamorphic landscapes with anthropomorphic animals, amazing beings that you will only see come to life at elrow parties and that will remain engraved in your imagination and in your most colorful dreams. 

As it could not be otherwise, music will also be the protagonist of this closing. The Terrace will be hosted by international artists such as Eats Everything, Bastian Bux and Tini Gessler. In addition, we will also have the presence of a legend like Fatboy Slim, one of the greatest representatives of clubbing culture and creator of countless hits that have become generational anthems. The Main Room, renamed elrow City, will be occupied exclusively by Kölsch, an artist whose talent has led him to be required by the best clubs in the world and stars such as Shakira, Pittbull, Beenie Man,or Nicky Minaj, making him the Danish musician who has sold more records in the history of the small Nordic country.

You can't miss the last elrow party at Amnesia this season for the world, it’ll be an event that will blow your mind and immerse you in the world of art while listening to the best electronic soundtrack possible.