15 July 2022

Clockwork Orange: a marathon of joy and electronic music

Few words could define what we experienced yesterday at Amnesia Ibiza with the special Clockwork Orange party. A party with a history of almost three decades behind it. These British promoters have been throwing parties on the White Isle since 1994, which gives them an experience that few can boast of. The last one was at the same venue in 2019, a spectacular experience that has stayed in the memory of many and has been far surpassed by the one we just experienced a few hours ago at Amnesia Ibiza.  

With the heat pressing outside, Amnesia became a refreshing haven to escape the high temperatures. Clockwork Orange started very early, at 4pm which marked the beginning of a marathon day. With a spectacular decoration in which the dictatorship of the colour orange spread throughout the two rooms, the first brave ones began to dance to Keith Mac's set. The Terrace booth was followed by Victor Simonelli, Mr C, Brandon Block & Alex P and Cok Wan. At 9pm one of the founders and gurus of the party, Danny Clockwork made an appearance and turned the room upside down. It was the prelude to one of the highlights of the night, Mark Knight showed why he is one of the most recognised artists on the planet.

Andy Manston and Owen Clarke kicked off the hostilities in the Main Room, giving the Amnesia main room a break. After their performance, they were followed by the likes of Rob Roar and Mr C, who took over the music in the Main Room with mastery until all the action moved back to the Terrace.

The legendary Amnesia room was bursting at the seams and orange tinged everything in sight. After Mark Knight's performance the sound level kept increasing thanks to the good work of artists such as Tall Paul & Seb Fontaine, Andy Manston & Owen Clarke, Rat Pack, Stanton Warriors and Rob Tissera. To put the finishing touch to Clockwork Orange we were lucky enough to have two great DJs like Jason Bye and Jon Ulysess, two experts of the dancefloor who made us dance without giving us a second's rest.

If you are reading this review on Saturday morning, as well as explaining that you missed a memorable party, we remind you that there is still time to experience the inexhaustible energy of Clockwork Orange in your flesh. Because today from 16:00 the party continues at Cova Santa with performances by Danny Rampling, John Kelly, Smokin Jo, Jeremy Healy, Danny Clockwork, Andy Manston and Jason Bye.