02 May 2022

Clockwork Orange 2022: the legends of the island are back

Clockwork Orange, the promoters that span almost three decades. With age comes experience and the ever deepening desire to improve. The Clock keeps ticking bigger and better. Clockwork has hosted events within the shores of the White Isle since 1994. That's a whole lot of experience in making amazing parties. 2019 witnessed the first ever all dayer of Clockwork Ibiza weekend at Amnesia, this needs NO explanation, expect momentous from the start.

The return in 2022 as promised is way above expectations: Djs Mark Knight, Danny Rampling, Jeremy Healy, Rat Pack, Mr C, Tall Paul and Seb Fontaine, Gok Wan, Victor Simonelli, Brandon Block and Alex P., Jason Bye, Danny Clockwork and Andy Manston.

Double the Djs. Double the performers. Double the energy.

Get ready for a very special date: Clockwork Orange, July 15th at Amnesia Ibiza.