24 October 2023

Chronicle of a party foretold, Amnesia Closing Party 2023

If you were there, stay to read the review of an epic night, and if not, get ready to create the hype of your life and buy yourself a flight to Ibiza for next season ( we've already received screenshots). 

The season is over, the cold has arrived and we have an emotional hangover. It's been intense and lucid, when you experience something historic, you know it and you feel it. On the 14th of October 2023, we went back to the Ibiza of the 90's and 00's, Old School, where there was no mobile phone and everyone wanted to dance and enjoy. The energy was extreme, an atmosphere of fraternity filled Amnesia, that's what clubbing really is, the connection with the people, the space and the music, where nothing else exists but the moment you are living. A party is not just about the line-up, it's also about the experience, the vibes, the crowd, it's about everything being in sync. 

The Main Room hosted throughout the night an exquisite techno, Luca Donzelli opened the room, followed by Enrico Sanguiliano. But the protagonists were the women; Charlotte de Witte, Nina Kraviz and Deborah De Luca impressed with their elegance and rawness. A room in which all night was witnessed scenes of dancing and euphoria. 

On the Terrace, the duo Magnetizm started the night, Caal showed again that nobody knows the secrets of the club like he does, Fleur Shore showed off her musical experimentation and Danny Howard made clear his good taste with a selection of well known songs and new sounds. 

And then it was 4 o'clock, Mar-T and Seb Zito came on stage, the display of talent lasted 2 hours, although 3 would have been better. At 6 o'clock came the first b2b ever between the English Ben Sterling and Cuartero, a prelude to what was to come, they left the audience at its peak to give place to the first rays of the sun entering Amnesia and the long awaited b2b of Jamie Jones and Joseph Capriati. 

Artists perfectly matched musically inside the booth and friends outside of it. A chemistry that left a masterclass in electronic music. Intensity and criteria that made us dance for 4 hours while the Terrace was gradually dawning. 

As the hours passed the sensations were getting better and better, the music was the leader of the people's coordinated dance movements. Not much more can be explained. If you know, you know. 

At 11:55 in the morning, the sun illuminated the terrace completely and Freddie Mercury's Living on my own started to play, something unique. Unbridled. Nobody wanted to leave after that. It was hard to leave Amnesia, the last night and day of 2023 left the mark very high and some feelings difficult to forget. We all have that Closing feeling.

The bad news, winter is coming, the good news? There are only 200 days left to start the season again!