13 April 2023

Bresh, the most beautiful party in the world lands at Amnesia Ibiza

BRESH, the most popular event among the new generations in Latin America, is expanding worldwide and will make its debut at the most legendary club on the planet: Amnesia. This party, which brings together artists, rappers, influencers, actors and prominent personalities, has gone viral in countries such as USA, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay.

The music is one of the main attractions of BRESH, with a mix of pop, cumbia, trap, electronic and other genres that make people dance non-stop. But this party is not only music, it is an atmosphere of collective freedom guided by the values of the new generations. It was created by a group of friends who wanted to go out to dance in a place different from the traditional nightlife spaces, where discrimination, gender violence and depersonalization are experienced.

With its growth, BRESH has become a meeting place for artists, musicians, influencers and prominent youtubers across the country. Now, it arrives at Amnesia with the mission to offer a new night out option, where music and the values of the new generation combine to create the most beautiful party in the world.

Early Birds tickets now on sale HERE