22 September 2023

Bresh, the most beautiful party in the world has been a big hit in Ibiza this season

15 heart-stopping dates that have shaken the vibe of Ibiza's nightlife, BRESH, the party that has become a true emblem of the new generations, has finally landed in our club. Thursdays at Amnesia have brought together artists, rappers, influencers, actors and prominent personalities, marking a milestone in the global party scene.

What began as a gathering of friends looking for a fun space away from the traditional nightlife scene, where discrimination, gender violence and depersonalisation often prevailed, has evolved into a cultural movement that transcends borders. BRESH has gone viral in countries such as the United States, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay, becoming the banner of collective freedom and authentic expression of the new generations.

The music, as always, was the soul of the party. BRESH's eclectic repertoire, fusing pop, cumbia, trap, electronic and other genres, kept the crowd in constant movement, without respite. BRESH has become a meeting point for talented artists, musicians, influencers and notable YouTubers from around the world. Its arrival at Amnesia represented the culmination of a dream and the opportunity to offer a unique nightlife alternative.

With a perfect synergy with the popular foam party, they have turned Thursday nights into a display of energy, good vibes and urban music.

Thank you BRESH for an amazing season!