15 August 2022

Bresh, La Fiesta Más Linda Del Mundo lands at Amnesia Ibiza

A party where artists, rappers, influencers, actors and the most important personalities of the new generations converge, it's not just any party. Bresh has become the most popular show for young people in Latin America and thanks to its passion and professionalism it is spreading all over the world. Argentina is the epicentre of the Bresh movement and in a short time its magic has gone viral in countries such as the USA, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay. With this progression, its arrival on the island where the best parties in the world take place was inevitable. Bresh will make his debut at the most legendary club on the planet: Amnesia.

Beyond all the details that make the Bresh a great event, one of the most important things is the music and the incredible display of the show. Great songs of all times, pop, cumbia, trap, electronic, and almost any genre that makes people not want to stop dancing.

Bresh was created by a group of friends from their teenage years who wanted to go dancing in a place different from the traditional nightclubs, where there is constant discrimination, gender violence, right of admission, dress codes, mistreatment and depersonalisation. Based on this, the Bresh was born with the mission of creating a new type of night out, with the values of the new generations, to generate an atmosphere of collective freedom, guided by the music that has marked us all our lives. As it grew, it also became a meeting place for artists, musicians, influencers and prominent youtubers from all over the country, who choose Bresh as the place to go out on weekends.

That factor, added to all the little and big details listed above, is undoubtedly what keeps people coming back again and again to La Fiesta Más Linda del Mundo.