30 June 2022

Amnesia Ibiza seventh best club in the world according to the Top 100 Clubs of DJ Mag

Amnesia Ibiza doesn't need a list to be aware that not only is it one of the best clubs in the world in 2022, it has also earned its own merits to be considered one of the best in the history of electronic music. Something that not everyone can say. But it also doesn't hurt that a publication like DJ Mag and its famous Top 100 has included us among the best of the year, more specifically in position number 7. This position is a substantial improvement on the previous year and puts us back in a privileged position in the top 10.

As good competitors we first congratulate the clubs that have been ahead of us and we promise that we will continue working hard to put Amnesia Ibiza in the place it deserves, at the top of the ranking. Because we are a family club, passionate about electronic music and the essence of Ibiza, committed to a philosophy and a way of doing things differently from others.

But above all we want to thank all those who have voted for us, we are sure that they have experienced in their flesh the unique atmosphere that is generated every night at Amnesia. We promise you that we will keep working hard to offer you an unbeatable season and a summer full of great moments to keep in your memories for the rest of your lives. And to the thousands who did not participate in the vote and who carry our club in their hearts, once again we thank you for your loyalty and unconditional support, without you none of this would be possible.

And in 2023 we are going for the first position!