15 March 2024

Amnesia hosts Paradise for a 3rd year presenting Temples of the Sun!

It’s going down! Amnesia is about to kick off its 3rd season of the Paradise residency, this time opening up the doors to a radiant new concept: Temples of the Sun!

If you worship the power of sound and light, get ready to salute the sun in Amnesia this summer at one of the most eclectic parties on the island. Every Wednesday from June 19th until October 2nd, join us on a musical journey that will transport you to an interstellar world where you’ll dance to the beat of the sun and transcend reality.

For sixteen nights Amnesia will transform into a sun temple, radiating its soundwaves to call on the cosmic energies of a civilisation known as the Solari. Guided by the ancients, the Solari draw upon the power of light and music to create a galactic harmony through dance. This summer, the Solari will make Amnesia their temple, lighting up each Wednesday night with the sacred energy of the sun.

Once again, Jamie Jones will become the star of the night, vibrating the walls of Amnesia with his pulsating house and techno rhythms. A dynamic lineup of artists, soon to be announced, will also be joining him. Together they will embark on a melodic journey to bring unparalleled energy and convert Amnesia into an authentic temple of the sun.

An exquisite production with striking décor, sensational performances and an immersive atmosphere, Temples of the Sun will be Paradise's 3rd residence in Amnesia. After two successful seasons with the Age of Love and the Night of the Jaguar, we’re expecting even more hype this year with this captivating new concept.

A liberating experience that will take you back to your roots, Amnesia invites you to discover your authentic dance temple in Ibiza. So, lock in your calendars because the 2024 season is right around the corner. Get ready to set yourself free with Temples of the Sun.