02 September 2022

A spectacular present and bright future

We mentioned in a previous article that it is an irrefutable fact that the best DJs in the world continue to choose Amnesia Ibiza as the perfect place to develop their concepts. And the latest star to join the pyramid club was Denis Sulta, with two special events under the name of Sulta Selects. A project that is triumphing all over the world thanks to his musical talent and the cast of artists that accompany him in this adventure. To confirm this feeling, yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the first of the parties and the taste left in our mouth is that we are facing a concept that will have a long way to go on the island and that promises to become a regular on the Ibizan scene.

The staging was unbeatable, with a cool atmosphere and a crowd ready for a memorable night on the Terrace. Nothing was left to improvisation, the decoration, the visual resources and the ambience of the club were in full swing. Musically, quality was the predominant note, with a line up that gave 100% and gave us a coherent and seamless storytelling.  Artists like Bklava, the British-Lebanese garage sensation, offered us an immaculate repertoire of brutal sound with small details that turned into electronic gems. DJ BORING used his unfiltered talent to take us on an energetic journey based on old school house with futuristic overtones. And we can't fail to mention Jayda G, a GRAMMY-nominated producer who has risen steadily in the underground clubbing culture, who gave us a set designed around infectious attitude, inexhaustible vitality and hypnotic enthusiasm that kept us bouncing around the dancefloor like crazy.

But the highlight of the night came when Denis Sulta stepped into the booth and got down to business. The Scotsman by the name of Hector Barbour proved once again that he doesn't shrink on the big stages, on the contrary, with every challenge he manages to outdo himself and deliver the best. With apparent ease he offered us an organic show that united his interest in extracting the maximum possibilities of expansion of techno and house with the sweat and the desire to dance of the clubbers who attended Amnesia Ibiza. A perfect set in which Sulta seemed to get lost inside himself as he expanded his gaze over the audience to try to discover how far the sonic bursts designed especially for the most lysergic raves, but easily adaptable to any scenario in which the most danceable genres of electro prevail.

We left Amnesia Ibiza full of satisfaction, but with the feeling of needing more of this proposal that we had just witnessed. Fortunately, on September 16th Denis Sulta will return with Sulta Selects, accompanied by a line-up of DJs including Fjaak DJ, Mella Dee, Saoirse and Kilimanjaro. A new opportunity to feed on this concept that raises the level of the scene. We won't miss it.