09 June 2023

"It's all about the music" closing party review: Thank you for everything!

The journey that "It's All About The Music" has taken us on through its Electric Garden has been a delight. Its events have reconciled us with the clubbing concept, demonstrating that ultimately the only thing that truly matters is the music. That's why, although we had a hint of sadness attending its closing party, on the other hand, we felt fortunate to enjoy a party that brings out the best in us and offers exactly what we love the most.

Amnesia's Terrace was dressed to impress, perfectly decorated and with its spectacular sound system ready to deliver our dose of quality music. A soundtrack curated by a talented lineup of artists who made us vibrate from the first minute. Ageless were the ones responsible for igniting the fuse. This duo of young Italians filled us with electronic energy, with surprising freshness but always with total respect for the foundations of sound. Next up, Rockin Moroccin delivered exactly what was expected of him—a set loaded with percussion, new disco, melodic and tribal beats, placing people at the center and intensifying the atmosphere.

With the Terrace on fire, master Stefano Noferini took over the DJ booth and without hesitation began to unleash his wisdom in front of the mixer. A session to remember, one of those works of art that he consistently delivers—a seamless sound that captivated us until a passionate and melodic farewell. To keep the party at its peak, who better than the queen of Ibiza herself, Anna Tur. She is a guarantee for any event and won over the crowd with her style rooted in the sound of the island. Elegance, power, and attitude in every selection—a showcase of why Anna steals our hearts with each of her sets.

To not let us catch our breath, Joe Vanditti swept us away with his Neapolitan essence, with the forcefulness characteristic of the Italian region that fits so well with the spirit of Ibiza. From the DJ booth, he hit us with rhythms that seek to have a sudden impact on the clubbers... and he succeeded effortlessly. And as the grand finale, Tomi & Kesh inspired us with their positive tech-house and unique energetic vibrations, with a rhythmic and impulsive sound and stimulating vocals.

We can only express our gratitude to "It's All About The Music" for flooding Amnesia with a tsunami of quality music and enriching the musical culture of this electronic temple. We are 100% sure that this is not a farewell... simply a "see you later."