Amnesia Memories - Pinterest Competition


Amnesia Memories Competition.

Help us bringing the most memorable moments in Amnesia to life

Join Amnesia Ibiza on Pinterest, upload a picture from the early days in Amnesia and it could be featured in "Amnesia hall of fame," and Amnesia Magazine, and even win up to 100 Euros!

We are looking for 15 pictures that best represent how was like at Amnesia ibiza in the early days, people dancing, the club, the terrace, parties, black and white pictures, etc. This 15 selected pictures could win up to 100 euros, depending of the quality and how old it is the pic. Furthermore, it will appear in the June edition of Amnesia Magazine ( and it's possible that also they will be featured in the "Amnesia hall of fame" at the entrance of the club.

How to participate?

1. First you should have an account on Pinterest ( if you don't have an invite yet, give us a shout and send us a tweet at @Amnesia_Ibiza with your email and we'll invite you or perhaps you know someone that it's on Pinterest and can invite you too. 

2. Be sure to follow Amnesia ibiza on Pinterest (

3. Once you have followed us, you will find a board called Amnesia Memories, this is the board where you are supposed to upload the picture, but before you do it, we need to give you permission to join the group, so you can upload it. We'll gran permission automatically to everybody who join us from today to the 8th May (competition deadline).

Read more in the picture above...

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