BRASILIO de OLIVEIRA - The soul of La Troya


BRASILIO de OLIVEIRA - The soul of La Troya

Behind a serious demeanour hides not only an honest person but someone who loves to laugh. Brasilio de Oliveira is the man behind La Troya and an essential name in Ibiza since the island became music and party

What brought you to Ibiza?

When I finished my Economic degree in Brazil, I went to London to study a postgrad. My initial idea was to go to Lebanon once I finished; my origins are there, my grandparents were born there. Then the war started. A classmate of mine had a house in Ibiza, in Can Pep Simó I think, and I came to spend a few days. And here’s where I stayed. I was a hippy, still am. My life had been marked by the family businesses in Brazil but I was looking for a place to live, not just survive, and I found it in Ibiza.

How do you go from working as PR at KU to a successful musical promoter?

By chance. I’d worked at KU, which has been the best club worldwide ever. After a while it started to go downhill. I went to Italy, but a challenging comment from Ricardo Urgell made me return. What used to be ‘La vaca asesina’ evolved into La Troya, developing a new and unique ‘disco party’ concept, combining music, sensuality, a party where you can dance, laugh, have fun and fraternize with others.

A formula that has worked well and allows you to live comfortably, flying a private jet, with homes in Brazil, New York, Rome and Ibiza.

I always lived comfortably. This is a project I do to have fun. I’m terrible at economics. Money is what I care for the least.

But I guess you enjoy the possibilities it offers.

I enjoy nice things, a job well done. Time is my greatest luxury, and no one can buy that. I’ve made the most of it since I was young.

You like eating well.

I think I know most of the best restaurants in the world. At the end of every summer I go on a gastronomic tour around Europe with my brother, who lives in Brazil. We travel to Paris, Bordeaux, San Sebastian, which has my favourite restaurant in Spain, Martin Berasategui’s restaurant. There’s some very good restaurants in Ibiza too. I find the gastronomic offer on the island very interesting. I go out to dinner a lot; I’m a PR.

And you’re a wine connoisseur.

Yes, although at the end of the day I choose a 2008 Marqués de Cáceres. And I don’t usually drink. I try to set an example. I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs. I’m in charge of my team and everyone who comes to La Troya.

What other hobbies do you find pleasure in? Do you like reading?

I’m a great observer, I read a lot. I read the newspaper with my breakfast. I like to be informed. And I like to laugh. I’m a specialist in laughter, even a bit of a clown, just like La Troya.

Classical music?

Yes. I sometimes go to the New York Philharmonic. I also like the opera. ‘Tosca’ is my favourite.


I don’t like the sun. I used to have a boat I’d bring over to Ibiza during the KU period. People knew it as ‘the KU boat’. Lola Flores was onboard once with 11 musicians.

People have kind words for you and many consider you a pioneer.

That’s for others to say. I invented the street parades on the Marina, I brought 300 samba groups to Ibiza, together with Pino Sagliocco we brought Monserrat Caballé and many other artists to Ibiza for the ‘Barcelona 92’ project…

Where are your headquarters?

In Brazil. I spend lots of time there. And Rome, it’s my favourite city. The day I leave Ibiza I’ll go to live in Rome.

In the meantime, plenty of La Troya.

Yes. The party’s still alive. There’s been 38 dates on the world tour and we’re selling out each and every one of the summer parties, 16 nights this year. I feel at home in Amnesia. It’s the perfect place for this project.

Text by Loulou for Amnesia Magazine

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