EVENTS :: Cream Ibiza 2014 :: Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond’s story is one of constant movement. They have remained as down-to-earth and determined as ever – always focused on the next goal. During 14 years of historic presence in the scene, their dedication has always paid off. Like just about anything they turn their efforts to, it is labour of love as well as a collaboration of the trio’s energies.

A band first and foremost, Above & Beyond are songwriters as much as they are DJs and their second album Group Therapy has taken their sound to new heights – a cohesive album that was described by Mixmag as “the artist album of the year”.

While so many superstar DJs place themselves at the heart of their performance, Above & Beyond’s focus is always on getting closer to their crowd and making them part of the action.


One of the biggest electronic acts in the world! Above & Beyond are back in the Main room again for all Cream lovers at Amnesia for six throbbing nights across the season.

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