MUSIC ON presents


Music On hits Amnesia for 16 weeks with 16 individual logos on June 14th 2013.

Music On returns to Ibiza this summer with a renewed zeal and a focus on what really matters, above all else – the music. Marco Carola’s Music On debut in 2012 was a huge success, bringing together some of the scene’s most respected artists at the seminal Amnesia. This season he’s back with an astounding concept based around 16 handcrafted sculptures, made from 100% natural materials and representing the ethos that lies at the heart of Music On; the sincere, untainted truth of that which is tangible.  

To actually bring the words “It's all about the Music” to life and stay true to the mantra is something very important to the team. Music On is the living embodiment of this statement, a present day conduit for the ideologies of the past with the aim of shaping the future.

Music On has commissioned the production of 16 beautifully crafted sculptures, which are made from a variety of organic, recycled materials; from the remains of a collapsed stone wall to a pine tree struck by lightning, the building blocks of an abandoned railroad and the oldest alpaca wool. The skeleton of a historic workshop, the iron from a centuries old machine, banned incandescent light bulbs, a block of tufa from a three-thousand year old open quarry, and finally the Etna basalt – the materials used to execute these incredible sculptures have been collected together by the finest Italian craftsmen, with each logo becoming an integral part of Music On.

16 sculptures for 16 weeks of Music On - each having their own story, its own soul, and an attempt to be in the present with remains of the past, which is also a nod to the future - the true spirit of Music On. Each week, our very own team of master DJs, who will be using their hands, minds, hearts and souls to create their own incredible works; Inspired by our sculptures, Leon, Nathan Barato, Marc Antona, Joseph Capriati, Re-UP and, of course, Marco Carola himself, plus many more, aim to construct timeless DJ sets and moments that will stay with the Music On crowds forever. These artists are our messengers, spreading the Music On ideology through their music and dedication to quality.

Marc Antona

He has enjoyed amazing success with productions that have graced labels at the peak of their field. Outings on Moon Harbour, Trusoul, Mobilee, Upon You and Highgrade sit in unison with the launch of his own imprint Dissonant.


Lately Leon’s stock has skyrocketed thanks to the release of his debut album on Steve Lawler’s Viva Music imprint. “In My Factory” showcased a larger soundscape of influences and planted him firmly on the radar of every DJ and serious clubber the world over

Nathan Barato

Based out of Toronto, Nathan Barato’s early days on the local scene saw him secure regular slots at some of the city’s hottest clubs due to an innate ability to win over crowds with his grooved orientated sound.


With a back catalogue stacked with releases that have destroyed floors the world over, as well as some unreal remixes for pioneers such as TiNi, Tiefschwarz and Miguel Lobo; the scene is set for this to be Re-UP’s break out year.

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