EVENTS :: La Troya
La Troya presents
La Troya Wednesdays at Amnesia

La Troya is the party of Ibiza where the international public meets with locals to enjoy nightlife.

It is an institution, a legacy that comes through generations as it all started up in the 70's when Brasilio De Oliveira, its creator, started his first parties. La Troya is a compilation of all his parties united together. We try to follow news, happenings, and fashion tendency to be always accurate and up to date with our themes.

After a worldwide tour in more than 50 cities of the world, we are ready to start a new season. Everybody is waiting for the 12th June, our opening date this summer. Themes like “Tex-Mex”,  “Somos como niños”, “Sacro y profano”, “The little chapel of love”, “Alcatraz”, “Fashion is my professión”, “La Bacanal”, “El manicomico”, “Noche invertida” and “Fluor power” are some of the thematic parties by La Troya that you'll enjoy this year on Wednesdays at Amnesia Ibiza.

Aside its critical meaning you'll be amazed to see all the performers in Somos como niños (We are like children) dress up as babies with their diapers, they are real bad boys and girls.

In the little chapel of love you can get married like in Las Vegas. Our priest is ready to give you his benediction for your wedding with photos flowers, crazy witness and everything to make your wedding night and unforgettable night.

With Alcatraz we want to reflect all the corruption that the world is surrounded by lately.

Fluor power is a classic that Brasilio creates in the 80's as it is so fashionable this year we decide to bring it back.

Fashion is my profession is a spectacular fashion show run by Manuel Parralo presented by our professional team of hedonist and eccentric travesties and beautiful boys and girls.

In Manicomico, craziness is the leitmotiv of the party. Be prepared to bring out the foolish part of you as our performers drive you mad.

As usual, our great DJs and balearic sound masters Les Smith and Oscar Colorado will be in charge of the dj booth, the fresh music selection and the powerful mixes that are synonymous of La Troya nights at Amnesia.

Once more, this year La Troya will count with the chameleon-like icon from the 80’s, Boy George, accompanied by his partner and great deejay/producer Marc Vedo. Both very special guests will be part of La Troya family on six nights along the whole summer, with their first appearance and shows being scheduled as soon as next June 26th.


Also the highly talented deejay and producer Mar-T will again be joining us on a very special night of 31st of July, to delight our fans with his phenomenal dj set and turn the dance floor upside-down just like he’s done many times already.

This year on the 10th of July we will also be part of the Marseille's Europride, one of the most important gay gatherings in Europe.

And as every year on Thursday morning the island looks empty because everybody is sleeping recovering from their incredible night in La Troya, a night full of sensations and feelings that you will remember all summer long. And if you are lucky enough you can repeat in your own city with the official world tour of La Troya

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